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integral blinds

We all know how noisy traditional Venetian blinds can be when there's a slight breeze or the smallest movement.


With integral blinds this noise is completely eliminated due to being completely isolated from the outside environment.

What are the benefits?

• Never need cleaning

• Protected from damage

• Zero maintenance

• Unaffected by UV radiation

• Fully controllable and adjustable

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Reduced noise

Venetian blinds without the hassle of dust and cords

At BK Glazing, we're proud to offer integral blinds as part of our double glazing service.


Integral blinds are a double glazed unit, with a set of Venetian blinds sealed between the panes of glass. Because the blinds are isolated from the environment, they never need cleaning, and are much harder wearing than standard Venetian blinds.


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Experience the benefits of integral blinds.

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Integral blinds integral blinds